Plagerjism, homoage, fare-use and the lexluthercon

Credit where it’s due:


Bedio: n.,  of or having to do with the intentional creation and recording of musical sounds for publication from within one’s  bedroom, what location has been set up for said purpose, tho’ perhaps not to the exclusion (hopefully) of other purposes.

syn., Feta Central Recording, Drinks, Daycare and Laundry

ant., professional recording studio

origin, Dan “the choice voice” Barnes at, circa 2008


The Bedio’s Progress, or, How I Racked Up

Following is pix to show the progress of my reorganization of my bedio.  I hadda dig out all kinds patchcords, build a rack, dig out a cuppla snakes that one of which I hadda change 8 RCA plugs to 1/4″, and figure out how to run power.

I think it’s good, but I won’t power up now as it’s freakin’ Xmarse Eve and I gotta do summa that.

I also gotta ISA 1 on the way what I think will go on the right of the desk.

Anywhat, it’s the slow season at work so I’ll be fine-chooning this o’er the next week or so – I only hope I can get to recording soon!