Free Time, and a Thief

Thief: Sitting here stewing as I think mebbe I got took on the evilBog – payed US$300 for a pre and didn’t get it.  Seller not responding to messages altho’ I am sure he got ’em as he made subsequent purchases. Here we go … 😦

So, “Free Time” is a new song started today on what I mixed down some excellent live drums from Krister and my shitty bass-track what I hadda go thru and edit because I have a half-step bend in the riff and didn’t always nail it.

Then I wrote the lyrics, sang ’em in one take (CAD M149-Eureka) except the damn furnace cut in on the last chorii so I hadda re-do them, then 6 passes at BV’s (MD421-Eureka), do a ruff mix and send to Grankie in Ye Merry Olde for his contrib what will include the new wah-wah he just got!  He has another choon, “Knee Trembler”, to what he has already given us horns and keys, and I await his guitar for, also.

Thinking I might get to a The Hungry Drunx tune, tomorrow?

Worked onna cuppla old pieces of equipment I had stuck in storage.  They were marketed by Fostek and are from its “Sideman” line.  I have a Comp-1 and a Para-Q units; I’m thinkin’ these could be funky effects, mebbe in parallel.  That aminds me; I need to fix my Rickenbacker M8E amp …

Also awaiting the publication of the Twentieth of The Month, 2011 compilation, what TFP was requested to and did agree to have a rare instrumental, “Poozle”, included onnit.

Finally, lookin’ forward to a TFP jam tomorrow; just bass and drums so far, but we can get some writing done.


2 Responses

  1. Send me that bass part, brudduh. I can fix it.

  2. Thanx, I think I gottit!

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