Re the Ebay scam, and the evilBog

Paypal refunded the $ on 1-3-12, after I ignored the scammer’s last-second attempt to “settle” for a return of the $ from him plus an additional $25.

A cuppla days later another victim messaged me,

“I noticed you had a problem with the seller lyraltonay96 regarding an undelivered item. Currently an empty box is in transit to me from this seller via FedEx. ebay has informed me to open the box in the presence of a fedex employee at their location and obtain an “Empty Box Affidavit”. let’s help ebay get rid of this criminal. I hope this information helps.”


Some other stuff:

I bought a watch on the 26th of 12, paid for it.

On the 4th the seller (a store?) charles.618,  tells me it’s unavailable.  After 2 messages, they state that 26 hours ago they refunded thru paypal; it still doesn’t show.
Also, I bought another ISA One and paid immediately on 1-3-12.  The seller sends these messages:

Sent Date: Jan-04-12 10:15:55 PST
Dear m,

Payment was received, it should clear tonight and your item will ship either Thursday or Friday.
I haven’t found the manual but I haven’t given up as I have one more place i am going to look

– jl78

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Sent:  Jan-05-12 11:35 PM
Dear m,

I found the manual and will be shipping the unit out tomorrow.
I will get you the DC# as soon as I can. I work til 10pm tomorrow night so it might be Saturday or Sunday but I will get it to you…


These idjits don’t get it, do they?  mad

Coupled with Paypal advising that I need to take out a credit card or link a bank account – because I spent nearly US$2k there! -, I think I may give up on evilBog.

I mean, those idjits don’t get it, do they?  mad




I had lunch today with a guy who joined Ebay in the ’90’s – he’s a starting member of it, and pretty knowledgeable.  He trades in military miniatures …

Anywhat, he said that musical equip. sellers receive a disproportionately large number of complaints, lotsa scammers …

Coupled with the watch issue I posted about above, I think I am done with Ebay other than as a research source, or for something otherwise unavailable.

I’d rather pay 20% more for new and a warranty than the risks of being burned I’ve encountered, the freeze-delays on $ even where it’s being returned, as well as the spending limit they apparently have.


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