IS Is A One, Two, et al.

Yeah, it’s a keeper.

That actually gives me 3 nice ones (Eureka, Summit and the ISA).

I wanna keep the ART TPS because I really do like it on bass, and it’s two channels, and useful.

I loved me the Meek on vox for years, but kinda doubt I’ll go back to it -must try it on guitars and bass, I reckon, but on vox it’s probably superseded.

The VTB1, IMO, is an absolute gem for the price, but probably not able to keep up with the better stuff.

I also have a Bellari M105 I bought cheap and onna whim before I got the good ones, and the same thing with/about a Focusrite Trakmaster; I guess I should sell those … (altho’ I’ll swap out the Mullard in the MP105 first.)

Actually, I didn’t care much for the Trakmaster on vox, or it’s only-adequate compressor for that matter, but as a pre it sounded pretty good on guitar and bass.

I’ve never used the Bellari to record – guess I should try it, anywhat.

I been jerkin’ me off checkin’ out hi-end channel strips, including the La 610, Vintechs, Avalon, Sebatron.  But they all go around US1K used, and that’s a little rich for a hobby, mebbe, I mean, for just a part of a hobby.

I did also make a Craigslist offer yesterday onna Epi Wildkat, offering the asked price but the guy’s gotta bring it 5 miles to downtown – no response yet – what sucks, because I really want a Bigsby.


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