Mo’ evilBogness

So I bought this watch, and ...

Dear dooshie-seller,

It’s not “new” (dirty band, pliers marks on the back) and the band has been size-adjusted too small to fit.


Dear v,

I’m sorry you weren’t satisfied with the purchase and will be glad to issue you a full refund if you would please mail the item back. I sell stuff for ppl and they hadn’t told me it had been sized either. Again I apologize and ask you to plz not leave neg feedback as I will make this right:)


Dear dooshie-seller,

There are also some scratches on the band, and the battery doesn’t work.

You don’t want “bad feedback”, but you cost me money, time, effort and aggravation by calling this P.O.S., “New w/out Tags.”

And now you want me to find a box (yours was so taped it is useless,) re-package it, pay for postage on trust that you’ll refund me?


Dear v,

Ok you don’t have to be aggressive about it. I wasnt going to have you do this for nothing and was going to refund above what you paid considering you wld also be paying to mail it back. I’m new at the selling watches and do not know a lot about them and was going by what the client of the watch told me. Again I’m trying to make this right. If you will please just give me either no feedback or neutral but plz say I DID make this right and you can keep it or throw it away or whatever you want to do with the watch. But if you did mail it back (I’m not asking u too) you are covered under buyer protection and are guaranteed ur money back even if a seller refuses it. PayPal will deduct it and pay ur money back. I’m just letting u know that for future buying. I do apologize about this mix up and will issue you a refund. But can I please ask you for no negative feedback bc again I AM correcting my mistake.



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