TFP: “And I Don’t Wanna See”

And I Don’t Wanna See
c. ’11 The Friday Project

Blood on the chair,
& no idea of who put it there,
Blood on the chair,
& I’m scared.

Guts on the glass,
don’t know where I’m goin’,
goin’ too fast.

Writin’ on the mirror,
Writin’ on the mirror
Just One word,

Bones on the floor,
When I walked in,
Bones on the floor,
And I don’t wanna see no more.

Drums: Krister-yamas-R16 (OH 90 degrees)
Bass: P-R16
Voc: 57-R16
Stereo Acoustics:
L_ Ibanez-BG2.1- Summit & ISA 1
Rt_ Washburn–BG2.1- Summit & ISA 1
Ld Gtr: FernandesRed-Marshall-MXL144-Eureka


Some related pics, here.



The Recorder


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