“Do you normalize?”

Yep; I find gin especially effective, lately.

As far as tracks go, I do not “normalize”, but I do gain-boost for ease of visual editing, and convenience of level-setting.

For example, if there are right and left rhythm guitars, I like to have the tracks at the same level; I usually get ’em there with light (3-4dBu) limiting.

And I actually like to have all my tracks, after recording, peaking to about -3dBu.  That way, I have a quick faders-up mix pretty easily.

And when I do that quick mix with my typical levels (say, drums – 4dBu, bass -12 or 14dBu, guitars -14, ldVoc -12, etc.), it’s  peaking around -3dBu, what means ruffs don’t need limiting or other adjustmen.


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