So lemme interp

…  summa my equipment codes.

On “Like I Do”, for example, we have this:

Drums: Krister-yamas-R16 (OH=90 degrees)
Bass: P-R16
Gtrs: Hohner Headless-Rickie M83-MXL144-ISA 1
LdVoc: MD421-ISA 1-RNC
BV’s: EV 365A-Eureka

“Drums: Krister-yamas-R16 (OH=90 degrees)” means Krister played his Yamaha drums, what were recorded on the Zoom R16, with the overheads spread at 90 degrees. (Current mic’s is Sennheiser E609 on kick, Shure SM57 on snare, Studio Projects C4’s on overheads, MXL144 ribbon on room, EV RE320 on floor tom.)

“Bass: P-R16” means my hacked-up ’63 Fender P-bass DI’d thru the R16.

“Gtrs: Hohner Headless-Rickie M83-MXL144-ISA 1” means Hohner Headless guitar (a Steinberger licensed) into my ’60 Rickenbacker M8E amp, thru the MXL144 ribbon (modded) into a Focusrite ISA1 pre amp.

“LdVoc: MD421-ISA 1-RNC” means the lead vocal was sung into a Sennheiser MD421 II into the Focusrite ISA1 pre amp intoa a FMR Really Nice Compressor.

“BV’s: EV 365A-Eureka” means backing vocals were an EV 635A  mic into a Presonus Eureka pre amp.

Now, do keep in mind that additional compression, pass-filtering and other EQ, and effects are done  as I mix down in the computer.


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