TFP: “Fix It” (w/ rare H2 drums)

Fix It
c. ’12 The Friday Project

When she saw the back of his head,
disappearing over the hill
She sat back and recalled what he said
She could remember it still
He said,

CH: There’s a problem here
We’re gonna kick it
Can’t ignore the thing
We gotta fix it.

So she put the car back in gear
Pulled back onto the highway
She’d looked for him for half a day
Now she’d tell him her way


When she saw his thumb out ahead
She knew he couldn’t see her comin’
And the truck was travelin’ ahead
Struck him and kept on goin’


So she spends her days by his bed
Sittin’ in the hospice room
Talks to him tho’ he lays like he’s dead
She refuses to accept his doom
She says,

Drums: krister-yamas-H2
LdVoc: RE320-Summit-RNC
BV’s: Ev365a-Eureka
Ac. Gtrs: L=Washburn-MD504-Eureka-Left.wav
Ld Gtr: RdFrndz-RickieM8E-MXL144mod-ISA1


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