About that snare sound …

Re “I Know A Guy”:

About that snare sound:

I gated and limited the snare track, SM57.

I brought up the OH’s (Studio Projects C5’s) panned 90% to the sides.

But the cool thing is there are two room mics;  slightly left is the MXL144 ribbon I usually use, and on the right is the EV 635a I was using for a cue mic.  I limited both to equivalent RMS and panned ’em 5% to the sides and high-passed ’em at about 450hz.  The figure 8 ribbon, of course is fairly dark, and the omni EV is quite bright.

Onna more open-derrangement like this the extra room mic can be pretty cool.  The onliest problem is, it is my vocal cue mic so I hafta edit out the places where I, eh, vocally cue.


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