TFP w/ Grankspoine: “Her Dick (She Misses Him)”

Her Dick (She Misses Him)_w_Grankspoine
c. ’12 The Friday Project

When she don’t feel good
When she don’t feel like she should
When things just ain’t goin’ right
When she don’t think she can make it through
another night

When she feels, when she feels sick
When she feels, she wants her Dick
She knows this man
She knows he can
She calls out “Richard”, “Richard”, yet
She knows it even in her mind even as she
takes his hand

She been so lonely
As she drinks her Stoli
She thinks she’s only, the only one
She would be holy, wholly, but Richard
the Father, ghost or son

Drums: krister-yama’s-R16
Bass: Alvarez-R16
LdVoc: Senn MD421 II-Eureka
BV’s: CAD M179-Eureka
Stick, bells, organ, synth: Grankspoine


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