Some notes on “My Morning Light”

These words are collated from responses to others’ comments at; they may be interesting and aid in understanding some of what we do:

Oh, re the “TFP sound”, the problems is,

a. we are prolific;

b. we are limited;

c. they is jams.

That’s why Grankie makes us so much better; he tightens us up and adds a 3rd voice.  Even Jack White and Prince are better when they have actual bands involved (not that I’m saying we are at their level, just that they are often part of one or 2 muso acts).  As much as I love The Kills, I think Dead Weather is more realized, much as I liked NPG, I think Wendy & Lisa, et al. made better records (1999 thru ZSign o’ the Times).

Of course, if I ended this one at the bass breakdown (and in a collection that might happen), it would not be a jam, would it?  BTW, that guitar solo was done in the time it takes to do it, out the door on the way to my son’s soccer game.  The fade-in, fade out?  Broke the high “E” on my Hohner headless guitar.


There is, of course, a aesthetic involved (not to mention  anesthetics- usually gin, lately – often used  during mixdowns).

I canna remember the last time we recorded a pre-written, pre-rehearsed tune – mebbe January or February 2010 when the diddler was wanking his guitar with us.

These are literally jams, written on the spot.  This one was a first and only take that we started out with.  It was about 10 minutes initially, and I edited it down.

We did three on Saturday in 2 hours; the other two we played a couple-5 times, not so much to get tighter but more because we were changing parts, the feel, tempo, adding breakdowns, etc.

90% of the time I use the last take, otherwise, I use the fecund to last.  But I do save all of the drum tracks to use when I run out of current recordings; they are re-cycled into new songs, especially when they are somewhat different from the already-used take.  For example, Krister might emphasize the floor tom on one take, but the ride on another, we might add or lose parts, etc.  Often,  I’ll flip the parts such that the chorus becomes the verse …

At this point, Krister and I are freakin’ tight as a rhythm section; I listen to his right hand, and he watches my body movements and face for cues.

We so wish for a [local] third player, tho’!


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