Cell-phone moe-rons

On the train today, in the quiet car, sleepin’ nicely.  Moron in the 1st seat of the top-deck of the Metra train car directly ahead takes a cell-phone call and starts a conversation.  After about 15 seconds, I say, “It’s the quiet car, you know.”  He gives me a dirty look and goes down stairs and completes his call as I try to go back to sleep.

He comes back up and starts in, “Satisfied? I did what you asked, are you satisfied, huh? Huh?”

I say, “F*** off.”

He says, “Don’t talk to me like that” and so I respond, “Piss off.”

He says, “Don’t talk to me that way or you’ll be sorry” as some woman on the *other side* of the train car chimes in, “Don’t waste your time, he cursed me out one time when I was on a emergency call, blah-blah-bah …”

I recall her; she tucked her head under her arm 3x until I called her “Dumb-ass” and she got up and left.

In the meantime, the doosh keeps jawin’ until he finally realizes he’s got a serious problem, stands up, reverses his seat and says, “I’m not going to sit with my back to you.”

Pretty funny as he was in the 1st seat, had to spend the rest of the train ride looking right at 20 people in the row formerly behind him.

I went back to sleep.


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