Notes on “Ghost Stories”

In answer forum post, I wrote:


You see a pattern here?

I am experimenting with form, as well as attempting to utilize what I’ve got, sans edits.

This piece was actually a little jam we did in the middle of “perfecting” a funk workout (what G is working on as a collab!); it was, like so many things in your early sex life, spontaneous, hence the odd place for the breakdown.

Rather than just cut the minute and a half offa the front, then, I decided to use it as a extended intro.  I did chop two measures out right after that break, as we came in a bit rough …

The ending is accidental; the song, like so many things in your later sex life, just petered out and so I chopped it off as I was mixing down, and decided to leave it as a nod to Radiohead/Mike Doughty, etc.

Lemme note the lead vocal recording chain.  The mic is a AKG A51 version V, what is damn cool, mebbe the best vocal condensor I have, certainly up there with the AT4040 altho’ not as detailed – it’s a lot smoother, supposedly with the EQ of a U47 and a C14 (Nuemann shite.)  I just got it, and a pencil condensor, a cord, shockmount and pop-stopper for US$102, shipped offa the Evilbog.

The pre is also new to me, a Meek VC1Q.  Not the easiest thing to get settings on, and here I did not use the EQ or the enhancer or de-esser, just the pre and comp, but damn! I love it.  It wan’t cheap (US$490), but it is a sound I’ve been looking for, similar to my VC3q but smoother – I think the input transformer is a huge help.


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