Mic G.A.S.-age

Pronounced lyn-yrd sky-nyrd gasss-ahj.
I been buyin’ up cheap mic’s, what is Evilbog fun, not too ‘spensive, and groovey to use.AKG’s: D1000, D310, D2000 – these is good so far on BV’s and prob’ly on guitars and certainly on snare.  They are Austrian-made, chrome or aluminum and indestructible works of mechanical art – cheap big fun.

EV: I scored a RE320 (foreign-born, meant to succeed the RE20 what is still made) for under US$200 and it’s a awesome large dynamic what I so far have just loved on BV’s – soon on kick what it has a EQ setting for.  I have a 365A what is a omni and rules on BV’s, just beautiful, and will prob’ly be good on some amps.  I just won a RE10 for US$60 what is s’posed to be a real vocal sleeper.

Shure!: SM63L, another omni, I love omni’s on BV’s.  Soon, I predict I will probably love them on amps.

CAD: M179. In my considered opinion, one of the best under US$200 condensors.  I got 2 used around US$90 each w/shock-mounts.   They are infinitely variable pattern, and sound good on everything, great on voc’s, and have a rep as excellent (I haven’t tried ’em yet) on toms.  I just gotta ST100 peizo what I bought because it’s already phantom-powered and XLR, I’ll report back on, for US$44.

ADK: I have a A51 v.V and it is incredible on vocals.  Said to be designed re the AKG C14 and the Nuemnann U47 I have no reason to agree or disagree about – I just think it kills on lead vox. US$90 with a buncha other shite (pop-screen, shock-mount, C5 SDC w/ clip, cable).

Sennheiser: mo’ money, mo’ fun.  I have a MD421 II at sompin’ under US$300, it’s my main vocal mic, so far, ’nuff said.  Now, I recently rec’d a white 421N (Tuchel) for a similar (lucky!) price what may replace it.  I gotta E602 for US$190 what is awesome on kick, and useable (with EQ) on vocals – I love large dynamics.  I recently gotta E504 (black 604) and my search for floor tom mic’ing is done – I haven’t even been tempted to try the Audix F10 I have here.

MXL: I find these worthy at half the list price or less.   I have two 1006’s because my first condensor was one and I used it for vocals for a cuppla years.  I bought the fecund for OH’s, but never used ’em as I went with SDC’s.  MXL144 ribbons are my go-to room mic’s (nice and trashy, fairly mid-rangey w/out cymbal splash) and fecund for guitar amps (I prefer my modded off-brand NOS R2, what is like a ShinyBox or Apex.)

Studio Projects; C5’s, nice SDC’s, accurate and cool on OH’s, better and faster than the BG 2.1’s but I think I may have to relegate ’em to other duties, mebbe acoustic guitars.

Audio-Technica: The AT4040 has been my fave condensor for lead vox for years, altho’ it can be a touch pop-n-spitty.  But I recently gotta ‘nother one and tried it for OH’s a cuppla days ago and, well, I ran outta Kleenex.

Behringer B1: I got drunk one night and ordered one up thinkin’ it was the Studio Projects B1, and it ain’t horrible.  I mean, if ya find one under US$50 you’ll have scored a totally competent, un-exciting but aiight LDC.  (Kinda like other stuff scored while drunk.)

Samson C02: a variable pattern LDC, I love it for drums on figure-8 in the basement’s bathroom doorway. It seems, somehow, appropriate there.

I forgot to mention I gotta Beta 58 that I’ve used to record snare and live vocals. It has amazing rejection, much better than the standard 57/58 altho’ I think it sounds a bit different than them, a bit brighter but also somehow a bit more compressed, denser … Again, I got “lucky” and paid about US$80 for it in near new condition.

EDIT: to say MD421 II.

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