The Friday Project: “Beat Feet”

Beat Feet
c. ’12 The Friday Project

Well I seen you \ thinkin’ that you’re so very
You seen me, too
But you ain’t seen very much
You ain’t seen enough

You’re beat man
You better beat feet, man
You know you’re beat, man
You best beat feet while you still can

Well I-I-I-I see you \ layin’ on the floor
You lookin’ at me,
(A) Sayin’
you’re gonna get up for more
You ain’t that hard-core

Now we seen all / there ever was to see
You give it yer best, son
But you ain’t got enough to take me
Just let it be

Drums: Krister-yama’s; OH’s=AT4040
Bass: Hohner Headless-R16
LdVoc: MD421N-Summit-1176
BV’s: SM637-VC1Q
Ahh’s: AKG D310-Eureka
RtGtr: F100-Elecktar2x12-RE320-ISA1
L-Gtr” Wildkat-Rickie-RE320-ISA1
Keys: S03_45-MC2

carpal diem!



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