The Friday Project with WRC: “Losin’ You”

Losin’ You
c. ’12 The Friday Project

Left to my own devices
I self-medicate for my headaches
And utilize my favorite vices
To distract from the pain and aches
Of losing you

Right after gettin’ your good news
I hadda take some extra doses
Well, there are them what like havin’ the
You left me with your faded roses
After losing you


In the middle is where I am
Not the first and certainly not last
Halfway to hell and back again
Looking forward to getting past
Losing you

Drums: Krister-yamas-R16-(AT4040 OH’s)
Bass: Hohner Headless-R16
RthmGtr, Keys, BV’s: WRC
Ld Voc: MD421N-Meek VC1Q
BV’s: AKG D1000-Meek VC1Q
LdGtr: Wildkat-Rickie M8-RE320-ISA1