Short note on recording TFP drums

Again in answer to a TOMB forum question, I posted the following:

FWIW and in response, I almost always compress toms but it’s basically as a corrective measure in that we typically have a 2-4 hour window in which to set-up, write, record and breakdown in a low-ceiling residential basement.

I mean, I’m almost just happy to get something recorded!

That said, for me, the clip-on Senn 504 (early model 604 in black) gets a good, solid floor tom with minimal bleed.

My rack toms are from the OH’s, and position is trial and error, not within a recording session, but by comparing sessions.

Digital cameras rule!

That said, I feel my drum sounds improved greatly by going to LDC’s (something I avoided for a long time due to the low ceilings) and using the OH’s as the main sound with the close-mic’s to reinforce (where previously I used hi-passed SDC’s for more of the cymbals and mid and upper freq’s.) The AT4040’s I’m using really seem to catch the whole kit and I am loving the toms especially …


Pre-amp mini reviews

In answer to a TOMB forum question, I posted the following:

+1 on the Meek, love my VC1Q, and VC3Q, altho’ the latter is about lo-fi in comparison. Great on rock and jazz vox.

I am also really digging the Summit 2BA-221 what lets you add tube (not starved) on top of a pretty clean SS. I use it on vox, and guitars and acoustic guitars.

I just gotta UA710 today what adds tube in parallel to a pretty colored SS pre.

I have a Eureka and while it’s not exciting, it’s very nice as a second-color, for example on BV’s and rhythm guitars – a rather thick sound, nice on bass.

I have a VTB1 what is cheap and quite useable, from cleanish to dirty with starved tube. I have used it a lot on guitars and vox.

A have a ART TPS that is about meh, except I love it on DI bass, and it’s handy on stereo sources, whether mic’d or DI keys.

My fave all-arounder, not as transparent as you might think with a wonderful subtlety, is the ISA 1.

Other cheap pre’s include a Trakmaster what I find usable but redundant for me, and a MP105 that I’ve not found a use for.

A cuppla CD reviews, ‘Trane & Brooce

Last night were Coltrane’s Transitions – especially listening to McCoy Tyner’s amazing fingers.

Springsteen, Wrecking Ball – why he hafta steal a Emmy Lou title? First impression is, I like it. In some ways ya gotta hate Springsteen for still being around, for tryna top everything before, say, Darkness (my fave), for still being so damn cool and a excellent writer and muso. Really, the noise to signal is very low, even as he’s so damn prolific I getta CD and only listen to it a cuppla times before going back to the classics for my Broooce fix.