Why I shan’t hit the *STOP* button no mo’.

Last jam session about a half hour in I stopped the recorder and rewound after the first 4 takes onna song.

2 hours later I realized I had never re-started it.  censored

I stayed a extra 15 minutes late to run thru the two songs we really liked, and wrote off two others we had jammed.

I got home and uploaded to the pooter and one of the takes was really poor.  mad

But then I realized that in the cutting of the two re-do’s I had not totally erased the 1st four takes of the one bad re-do, so we did get two tunes (the two latest TFP, including the one WRC made so fab.)

Yesteday we played for 4.5 hours, of what we taped 4.  However, in the course of stopping and starting the recorder, somehow the middle hour ended up completely smashed and glitched and hammered up to 0dbu – some weird anomaly of the recorder – never seen such a thing, but the last hour was OK.  WTF?  censored

I know we lost one new tune, we lost a simple jam, and we lost a cuppla takes (the better) of another tune I’ll have to heavily edit to re-claim.

And that is why I shan’t hit the *STOP* button no mo’.


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