The Friday Project: “I Will Make You Love Me”

I Will Make You Love Me
c. ’12 The Friday Project

Climb on in, little one
I feel like somethin’ good will come from
us meeting like this, meeting like this
slide over, little girl, and gimme a kiss

We’ll build a house onna lake
And it’s there
I swear
I will make
you love me
love me

Here put this on, but not too tight
You don’t wanna be too uncomfortable

And this right here, it will keep you warm
I swear I’ll come back for ya
I swear I’ll come back for you soon

CH We’ll build a house onna lake
And it’s there I swear
I will make
you love me

She coulda been, my everything
She coulda been my reason for being
How could I know, they were near
They’d hear as she cried out in fear?

We’d build a house onna lake
And it’s there I swear
I would have made
her love me

We’d build a house onna lake
We’d build a house onna lake
I would have made
her love me

Drums: Krister-yama’s-R16 (AT4040 OH,
E602, AKGD100E,E504,MXL144)
Bass: Hohner Headless-R16
AcGtr: Washburn-StudioProjects
LdVoc: MS421N-UA710-RNV
BV: RE10-UA710-RNC
Keys: YamaS03Piano1-ARTtps-MeekMC2


Why I shan’t hit the *STOP* button no mo’.

Last jam session about a half hour in I stopped the recorder and rewound after the first 4 takes onna song.

2 hours later I realized I had never re-started it.  censored

I stayed a extra 15 minutes late to run thru the two songs we really liked, and wrote off two others we had jammed.

I got home and uploaded to the pooter and one of the takes was really poor.  mad

But then I realized that in the cutting of the two re-do’s I had not totally erased the 1st four takes of the one bad re-do, so we did get two tunes (the two latest TFP, including the one WRC made so fab.)

Yesteday we played for 4.5 hours, of what we taped 4.  However, in the course of stopping and starting the recorder, somehow the middle hour ended up completely smashed and glitched and hammered up to 0dbu – some weird anomaly of the recorder – never seen such a thing, but the last hour was OK.  WTF?  censored

I know we lost one new tune, we lost a simple jam, and we lost a cuppla takes (the better) of another tune I’ll have to heavily edit to re-claim.

And that is why I shan’t hit the *STOP* button no mo’.

Headlines comedy

At CNN, under Living and Eatocracy, appear these to story headlines:

Fat is the new ugly on the playground, and,

Miss America opens up about anorexia.

Bonus (from the same section):

Battle of the slider recipes!

The Hungry Drunx: “Baby Goin’ Down”

Baby Goin’ Down
c. ’12 The Hungry Drunx:Spread out, Too thin
I think I gotta go in
Left out, Too long
It smells like it’s going wrongHow can you not feel
what’s been goin’ round?
How can you not feel
Baby goin’ down

Right there, in yer face
You know it’s in a bad place

How can you not feel
what’s been goin’ round?
How can you not feel
Baby goin’ down

On top, Of the world
You never really ever knew that girl

Last look, all it it took
She fell off when yer tree got shook

How can you not feel
what’s been goin’ round?
How can you not feel
Baby goin’ down

How can you not feel
That brown sound?
How can you not feel
Baby goin’ down

Drums: SNARL
Bass: Alvarez-VC3Q
LdVoc: MXL9000-ISA1-RNC
RthmGtr: F100-TM10Brit-MXL144-Summit
LdGtr: Cozart 12string-TM10Brit-MXL144-Summit
Tambo: SM63L-VC3Q

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Short note on recording TFP drums

Again in answer to a TOMB forum question, I posted the following:

FWIW and in response, I almost always compress toms but it’s basically as a corrective measure in that we typically have a 2-4 hour window in which to set-up, write, record and breakdown in a low-ceiling residential basement.

I mean, I’m almost just happy to get something recorded!

That said, for me, the clip-on Senn 504 (early model 604 in black) gets a good, solid floor tom with minimal bleed.

My rack toms are from the OH’s, and position is trial and error, not within a recording session, but by comparing sessions.

Digital cameras rule!

That said, I feel my drum sounds improved greatly by going to LDC’s (something I avoided for a long time due to the low ceilings) and using the OH’s as the main sound with the close-mic’s to reinforce (where previously I used hi-passed SDC’s for more of the cymbals and mid and upper freq’s.) The AT4040’s I’m using really seem to catch the whole kit and I am loving the toms especially …

Pre-amp mini reviews

In answer to a TOMB forum question, I posted the following:

+1 on the Meek, love my VC1Q, and VC3Q, altho’ the latter is about lo-fi in comparison. Great on rock and jazz vox.

I am also really digging the Summit 2BA-221 what lets you add tube (not starved) on top of a pretty clean SS. I use it on vox, and guitars and acoustic guitars.

I just gotta UA710 today what adds tube in parallel to a pretty colored SS pre.

I have a Eureka and while it’s not exciting, it’s very nice as a second-color, for example on BV’s and rhythm guitars – a rather thick sound, nice on bass.

I have a VTB1 what is cheap and quite useable, from cleanish to dirty with starved tube. I have used it a lot on guitars and vox.

A have a ART TPS that is about meh, except I love it on DI bass, and it’s handy on stereo sources, whether mic’d or DI keys.

My fave all-arounder, not as transparent as you might think with a wonderful subtlety, is the ISA 1.

Other cheap pre’s include a Trakmaster what I find usable but redundant for me, and a MP105 that I’ve not found a use for.

A cuppla CD reviews, ‘Trane & Brooce

Last night were Coltrane’s Transitions – especially listening to McCoy Tyner’s amazing fingers.

Springsteen, Wrecking Ball – why he hafta steal a Emmy Lou title? First impression is, I like it. In some ways ya gotta hate Springsteen for still being around, for tryna top everything before, say, Darkness (my fave), for still being so damn cool and a excellent writer and muso. Really, the noise to signal is very low, even as he’s so damn prolific I getta CD and only listen to it a cuppla times before going back to the classics for my Broooce fix.