The Friday Project: “The Dust”

The Dust
c.’ 12 The Friday Project

Ya try and take me, yer gonna have a
Just wait and see, how yer momma’s left
And yer potential kids, will never be
Yer gonna have a problem, just wait and see
Ya mess with me, things won’t go yer way
I’m tryna do you a favor son, save yer day
Cause you won’t live the night if you try and
Any more of a problem, messin’ with me.

CH: When the dust settles, ya can’t say much
When the dust settles
Yer left with dust
No, ashes to ashes, don’t say much
And when the dust settles
Yer left with dust

She ain’t worth it son, just take a good look
She ain’t the kinda woman, gots what it took
To keep you outta trouble, cause that’s
where you’ll be
And you gotta big problem messin with me

I’m gonna lay my gun down, so you ain’t feel
And yer gonna turn and walk away,or yer
mama’ll be sad
She don’t need to know the why, just you let
it be
Cause you ain’t gonna survive, messin’ with

Ld Voc: MD421n-VC1Q
BV: EVn/d257a-VC1Q
Drums: Krister-yama’s-R16 (SP C5’s)
Bass: JacoFretless-ARTtps-166X
Rthm1- L: Wshbrn-CadM179-DOD866
Rt: Wshbrn-SM63L-Summit-DOD
Rthm2- (reverse mic’d)
Tambo: EVn/d257a-VTB1-MeekC2
LdGtr: Cozart12-Elektar2x12-MXL144-Eureka


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