Re that 636 …

The black, burnt looking thang is apparently a transformer, what was mounted in about 1″ of tar. 8 wires went in offa the switch, and 3 came out to the capsule. Thru the tar and running along the side of the barrel was a 1/4″ metal tube. Between the tar (in the first 1/4 of the barrel) and the capsule was some fiberglass held in place by paper discs.

It was like this:


If I ever get around to it, I’m gonna try and hook up the capsule straight to the 4-pin Amphenol. I may try putting a SM57 trans in if necessary …


Unfortunately, I pretty much destroyed the transformer taking it outta there.

That tar is worse than anything ever formed inside a bong, lemme telly, altho’ curiously almost odor-free. But sticky? Butt-sticky.

When I rec’d the mic from offa E-bay it didn’t work. I advised the seller and he immediately refunded the purchase price (US$ 15 or so). That was smart because I still hadda eat the $15 shipping, what I woulda asked for if there was any dialogue.

But for $15 I got the cord, and what’s left of the mic, what was an education, anyway.

I’ll report back if I can get it working.


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