“Clean” pre-amps

Asked at TOMB, I said:

I’ve been a real pig lately on the Evilbog re pre’s.

Under US$500 used and “clean”, I’d reco (in order) The Focusrite ISA1, the Summit 2BA-221, and the Presonus Eureka.

The ISA1 is very clean, barely colored (I know it – I hear it – I love it, esp. on amps); the Summit can be colored, or almost sterile, and then ya can add tube; the Eureka is rather dark without EQ, but takes it well (the compressor makes it very flexible, the EQ is like a color). I also like the UA710 what can be rather clean, but that’s 10% of it’s range and so its seldom used that way! Finally, for cheap, the Studio Projects VTB1 is not be underestimated as a clean pre, if slightly, eh, un-dimensional.


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