Continuing borry’ing the IRS’ share ( ;-D ), after months of trying to beat 200, I just won a bid for a dbx 160XT for US$199.95, shipped.  I considered myself to need this because I wanted a good dbx vocal compressor, to go with the RNC (transparent, also found in the Eureka), Gyraf 1176 (vintage FET-dirty), ART Pro VLA2 (tube-dirty) and Meek C2 (opto-dirty; also found in the VC1Q).  The 163X I have is too slow for vox …

Before I sound like a complete chazer (“pig”, in Yiddish), I should say it’s my preference to set a sound and hardware and basically leave it, with just tweaks to the particular mic, singer or style.

I admit that I am getting away from this approach more as I learn how to do this stuff, but there’s a great attraction in plug-n-play as I write – the sounds are inspiration.


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