re “My Synesthesia”

In answer to some questions:

The drums are actually put together from some loops I made, recorded a cuppla months ago.  A particular problem was the ringing of the snare, what I gated best I could.  The overheads were small diaphragm condensers (Studio Project C5’s) and the snare a Beta 58, but I think the problem was krister’s new snare drum, what wasn’t properly tuned.  I actually spent about 2 hours building that drum track, then hadda re-do it in the 3rd hour to further address that ringing, and it still sounds “garagey”.

That middle-end vocal effect was done by taking three tracks of “aaaH’ and pitch-bending ’em down at the end.  I then cloned those three tracks, delayed ’em a quarter second and panned ’em opposite and brought ’em up under with a cathedral reverb on just the clones (the original 3 have their original effects; slap-back in the middle, plates on the sides). The very end vocal was just run thru a cuppla distortion patches.

Bass: BadRicky-The Brick-dbx160XT = Groove Tubes “The Brick” pre into a dbx compressor

LdVoc: MD421II-1589B-1176 = Sennheiser MD421N mic (vintage) into an Altec pre (vintage) and a clone of a vintage Universal Audio compressor.

L BV: AKG D310-1589B-1176 = left backing vocal is a vintage AKG mic in the above chain

Rt BV: EVnd257B-1589B-1176 = right BV is an Electrovoice mic (like the one I did a thread on cleaning, altho’ this one is an “B” version, not “A”)

RthmGtrs: SG-Vox-MXL144Rbn-ISA1 = that black Gibson you like into a Pathdfinder into a MXL ribbon mic (modded) into a Focusrite pre

Ld Gtrs: F100-ProJr-RE3320-UA710-A = a G&L into a small Fender into a Electrovoice RE320 (the latest version of the RE20) into a Universal Audio pre (the “-A” is a typo)


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