Some quick mic reviews

I keep wanting to do a more extensive essay on my mic’s, but inna meantime I just answered a question at TOMB, thusly:


In the last cuppla months I picked up a Senn MD421n and just love it on my vocals. I saw someone unknown to me has one for sale in the Buy/Sell forum here …

Surprisingly mebbe, the MD421 II is quite usable and flexible.

The RE320 is a bit dull for vocals but OK on elec. guitars. I do use it on BV’s as it’s smooth and somewhat dark.

You don’t have any omni’s? I love me some omni’s, especially the EV 635A and for a condenser, the infinitely variable pattern CAD M149.

A sleeper cheap Chinese is the ADK A51; it does the hyped-import thing but different than, say, MXL’s, and I like it a little better than my MXL 1006’s.

Another cool variation is a SDC. I haven’t used ’em for lead vocals (just haven’t got ’round to it) but they can be nice for stacking.

Re the EV 767, I have the cheap 257, and it is awesome – I really like it in the SM58 vein, and it’s much cleaner and thicker, altho’ I also like the Beta 58. I actually wanna try the 257’s in Recorderman on drums but use it on BV’s and a cuppla times on lead. Don’t forget stuff like the RE10 … (11, 15, 16)

I also like the old AKG D stuff that’s all over the ‘net; it can be inexpensive, and they tend to be cool pieces of engineering/manufacture that have slightly odd EQ curves that fit well as BV’s.

Finally, I recently got a Beyer M500 what is a end-address ribbon, and it is very nice; I don’t generally like cheap ribbons on vox unless I want that dullish, old-timey sound, but the M6500 is a cuppla steps up.

All the aboves are available (used, anywhat) at under US$300; the ADK, the 257, some SDC’s easily under US$100.


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