A sad tale :-(

An acquaintance of my 15 y.o. (today) daughter’s, the ex of one of her friends, did a Cobain last night.

It was on Facebook & Tweeter within hours.

As you might imagine, it’s been the talk of the household, the local media, the school … We had a telephone message blast, and a email blast today from the high-school principal.

Apparently almost all the kids who went to school wore black, my daughter says baseball team members and many others (including her) were in tears all day.

Despite initial reports, bullying (the fad topic of the year) was probably not involved.

My kid says his parents were going thru a 4 year-long divorce, and that he had just mebbe failed a drug test for weed.  Apparently he had been “joking” about suicide for at least a month …

Someone posted, “Suicide – a long-term solution for a short-term problem.”  How true.   Tongue

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