Mix Conversion Problem

Please test this yourself and gimme a opinion.

At my TFP link below is a tune called “Blues for Claire”.

HERE is a ZIP file with a few short examples of just the mono Strat-into-Pod-DI track from the Zoom R16, recorded 24 bit, 44.1.  Each example is the same 26 second section of just that guitar in 32 bit float and 16 bit WAV, and in 320 and 128kps MP3.

Please give a listen (you only probably need 10 seconds to hear it) and tell me why there is such a degradation via the conversion (done in Cool Edit Pro 2.1).

I note that this is an un-filtered Pod track, but that I have also tried minimal to severe pass filtering, as well as hard and other panning,  and I get the same problem on the MP3 conversion.

I posted the guitar track solo’d to show it’s not any masking or phase interaction with other tracks.

I mean, WTF?  Sad

carpal diem!



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