Some gear notes

From a email discussion:

The 57 is truly a utility mic – no shame there.

 That said, I so love the MD421 II, it just kills.
… I rec’d from the EvilBog a Shure SM63-L, what is a interviewer’s mic.  I bought it (US$52) because it’s omni, and while I really like the EV635a, I wanted to try a different omni.
I think it was a good buy.  I use the 635a much like a 57 – it is my go-to backing vocal mic as well.  But this SM63 seems cleaner, more natural, and it’s omni-ness is greater than the 635a in that it has less off-axis proximity effect (not that you encounter off-axis proximity, but it’s something I noticed testing the mic).
Then, and I’m almost embarearsed to admit this, I rec’d a Chinee US$100 guitar today, also – a complete piece of poo.
Ah, but what a piece of poo!  It’s a Tele body 2 pup 12-string!  Go on the EvilBog and search out “Cozart”.  The trick I did is wait until there were 4 coming due within 48 hours; I bid on the last one and got it for the hunnert.
I dicked with it today thru a overdrive/compressor into a little Elektar 10 thru a 2×12″ Celestion-loaded openback, couldn’t put it down!  There ain’t nothin’ like 12 strings of feedback.
And one thing made it absolutely most pleasurable – I can’t reco this thing enuff – is I got one of those little Snark clip on tuners for US$10; it’s the easiest tuner I’ve ever used, and even the 12-string tuned in about 1 minute.  I was shopping pedal-tuners but just couldn’t see spending 100+ bucks for tone-suck and so bought the Snark.  I am now not interested inna pedal tuner, this thing is so freakin’ cool.  It’s adjustable, it’s a digital strobe, it’s light enuff to leave clipped on, it has a visual tap-metronome … There’s a un-PC cliche me moms uses, “Clever people, those Chinese.”  ;-D
As for playing drums, I can barely pinch off and shake it at the same time, that’s why I have a drummer.  Eh, to play drums, I mean; I pinch off and *then* shake all by myself.
But I wish I could play ’em.

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