Asked about Mayer, I said,

A English friend asked about John Mayer.  I said:

Well, he’s a very good guitar player, kinda SRV-ish, but poppier, if that makes sense.

However, the music tends to be aimed at college kids and is annoyingly light, with fey lyrics, ex, “Your body is a wonderland.”[/i]

I put him with Dave Matthews and Jack Johnson – not un-talented but cloying and repetitive and directed at a audience not me, or anyone I really wanna associate with. I think ya could call it, “bro-rock” – it’s for frat-boys. (I can ‘splain that term if ya need but just watch Animal House orPorky’s; the ones ya hate are frat-boys.)

He’s also kinda a doosh, a serial celebutard dater who brags about his sex-life, and frequently says stupid shite.

And he’s young and handsome and wealthy and a celeb hisself, so what’s not to hate?  coffee


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