Mixing/monitoring hint

That said, the biggest breakthru in mixing I’ve had (many have said it, Mike Senior’s book pushed me at it) is the use of band-width limited single point speakers (I use Auratones, but the brand is not important, just that there be no cross-overs or ports, if possible) and mono.

It makes mixing less fun when ya can’t hear yer fancy delays and reverbs and panning, but it forces you to balance levels and EQ with amazingly EZ results.  If yer bass or kick is inaudible or your vocal drowning in chorus or your hats cutting carotids, you will hear it when in mono on such speakers. Then, switch ’em to stereo before going to your main mix speakers.

As far as reviewing others’ mixes – it’s easier than reviewing my own.  I simply listen for what I would do different, what I could reach out and change if the mixing board was in front of me …


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