Notes on “Get Away, Now”

This was actually a 12+ minute jam that I cut down, with me on guitar and him on drums.  This is the first time we dunnit that way as I’m heretofore only playing bass.

The guitar ( a The Paul) is DI into the R16 – just a great Hi-Z input on that thing.  All I did was a little limiting and add a touch of a spring reverb effect.

The bass was a new chain for me, using the Groove Tubes’ The Brick, what is a monster tube DI.  It took me 11 monthes to get one atta good price offa the E-bog, and then I ran it into a dbx160XT, a very nice albeit standard dbx compressor that I again took many monthes to get at a reasonable price.  I bet  I bid on 5 or 10 each before I got them.

The vocal is a Beyerdynamic M500, what is noteworthy because it’s a end-address (in the shape of a SM58) ribbon mic, into my vanilla Eureka, what I am coming to value because even tho’ it’s not a exciting pre, it never sounds bad.

The lyrics, BTW, is one-take extemporaneous.


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