“How do you get yer songs from jams?”

I was asked this regarding how we record jams and turn ’em into tunes.  I said:

“Angel Fall” and “Get Away, Now” (at the TFP soundclick link) are edited-down jams with me on guitar and Krister on drums.  Of all this year’s songs with just the two of us, them’s the only two where, if it was a jam and not me stealing drums or using Krister’s warm-ups, it was me on guitar – I’m otherwise always on bass.

Our typical approach is to jam with bass and drums.  The bass is DI’d so we don’t get bleed into the drum mic’s, which makes for a much better mix. I have only replaced the bass on mebbe two songs, where there was a tuning problem once, and once where the bass’ jack was shorting out.  I love the interaction between us, live and loose.

It was Krister’s idear this last jam session that I play guitar instead of bass, for novelty; and as he said, he can change up his feel locking with the rhythm guitar, and that allows me to overdub the bass a little looser, and play it a little more basic.  I also write a different on guitar, and Krister can get mebbe a better dynamic feel when I play it.

After alla that, sometimes I’ll steal the drums of a bad take or a version we significantly re-arranged  in the session, or a warm-up, and use those drums for a new song.

But the DI is great, not only for bleed, but also to make edits much easier.  If I’m a little off the beat, or Krister, I can move what need to be moved without messing up what’s on.

As it happens, the [Zoom] R16’s DI is pretty damn good, but last time I slap-and-popped my way into digital red and couldn’t fix it in the computer.  What to do?

See here.


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