“What doya monitor with?”

… was the question.  Muy answer:


Eh, them would be my ears. Twisted Evil

Aiight, I actually like these kinda threads.

Main monitiors are Tannoy PBM 6.5II’s, followed by Auratones and Optimus 77’s through a 100 w./ch. Technics receiver. Of course, I check the mixes on the living-room stereo (150 w./ch.Yamaha with Klipsch Synergy B3’s and a pair of Yama powered subs – like brestez and ballz, subs are best in pairs), and sometimes a cuppla bookshelf systems (Aiwa in the kitchen, Panasonic in the WC). Then there’s my bedroom system (H/K rec. into Optimus Pro 7’s), and my ’96 Dodge pickup.

Oh, and I always check stuff at the orifice (more Optimus 77’s), and the Discman (I like Sony MDR earphones), as well as my Sony 7506 cans.

And my mixes still suck. Twisted Evil


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