The Friday Project: “Stay Frosty”

Stay Frosty
c. ’12 The Friday Project

V1: You got the money honey
The time is mine
You got a plan here
And so I walk yer line

B: But if I’m gonna stay with you, I
Gotta do what ya say to do, It
don’t matter what it cost me
I gotta stay frosty
It’s just the way
it’s gotta be
for now,
I see

CH: I gotta think it thru
If I’m gonna stay with you
Don’t matter what it cost me
I gotta stay frosty

V2: You got the miseries
I need to feel ’em, too
We got a history
Startin’ now, jes’ me and you

V3: Well, I never tried so hard
To get along with anyone
I’m gonna make it wichyu
Even tho’ this ain’t no fun

Drums: krister-yama’s-R16 (OH AT4040’s)
Bass: Hohner Headless Jazz-R16
LdVoc: SM7B-Altec 1589B-RNC
BV: AKGd310BB-Altec 1589B-RNC
F100-Rickie-E609-Altec 1589B
LdGtr: Paul-Marshall-ShinyBox-Altec