Electrical repair by a moron

1. Took me 4 months, a re-cap, new tubes and replacing the output trany to get my Rickenbacker M8 E going, but it would only function at half volume.  Opening it yet again and doing the chopstick test, I finally realized that one of the Orange Drop legs I installed was shorting to a resistor.  Moved it = JOY!


2. Bought a AKG D310 mic offa the Evilbog what didn’t work, got the refund, seller said, “keep the mic”.  I tore it apart,  and it took me 3 attempts to get the fragile wiring correct (I used wire from a phone line), and I also had to fix the crushed and partially detached windscreen and rub the patina/corrosion off the body, but I dunnit = JOY!

(Top shelf, dented windscreen, open clamp)


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