Describing some pre’s

…, I said:


I have concluded that, while fitting within a general area of sound, a given tube pre can sound very different from another; that applies to S/S and hybrids, also.

It may be more useful to classify pre’s as neutral or colored, except the UA710 can be both, as can my Summit 2BA-221. And then there’s the ISA1, which is not really colored, but certainly not neutral.

Me, I think of them in terms of “solid” and “forward”. Thus, the UA710 is more solid and forward when it’s used with little or no tube; the ISA1 is always solid and forward, the Summit is never as solid and forward as the ISA1, and even a little “softer” than the 710; the Meek VC1Q is soft and vintage, the Eureka is not forward but pretty solid and un-dimensional; the VTB1 is soft with the tube, surprisingly solid and forward without; the Meek VC3Q like a dirtier, smaller-sounding VC1Q, my ART TPS is pretty solid but not very forward or dimensional and finally, my Altec 1589B is solid and forward but vintage-sounding.

Of course, I say my penis is huge; it’s all subjective.


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