The Friday Project: “Goin’ In Hot”

All thru the Presonus Eureka pre (except drums & bass)

Goin’ In Hot
c. ’12 The Friday roject

Sally’s in the alley, she’s got a wheel gun
Jessie’s around back and she’s carryin’ a long one
Willie’s on the stoop and he’s locked and loaded
Jackie’s coverin’ from the roof top and Sammie’s aimin’ from the road

And me, I’m the best we got
I’m goin’ in hot

They took her Friday but I really don’t remember
I been layed out cold but I’m awake now to avenge her
And Kathy called a old friend who is still in the department
And now we’re at this dead end and we’re gonna take ’em apart

They ain’t know we’re out here, won’t know nothin’ at all
When I take out their front door like a scene from Peckinpah
And I’ll be comin’ out alone, not a bullet to my name
And they’ll be left layin’ dead to make up for her pain

Cuz me, I’m the best we got
I’m goin’ in hot

Drums: Krister-Yama’s-R16
Bass: HohnerHdlessJazz-R16
AcGtr: Washburn-MD21-Eureka
ElecRthmGtr: F100-Rick M8E-E609-Eureka
LdGtr: Wildkat-Rick M8E-E609-Eureka
LdVoc: SM7b-Eureka
BV’s: AT802Eureka


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  1. […] Here is one with the Presonus Eureka pre on all vocals and guitars. (Bass was live into the Zoom R16 at same time as drums.) […]

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