Some CD quik-reboo’s

Patti Cialfa’s last one was loaned to me – damn!, is it good. Lucinda on steroids with cool identifiable Broooce-isms from her mouth. 4/5 olives.

The Stroke’s latest: notta hit, and all y’all missed some good shite.  4/5 olives.

The Cult’s latest: guilty pleasure. 3/5 olives.

James Blood Ulmer’s Memphis: what it should be, and you would never expect – like dry-rub, awesome.  4.5/5 olives.

The Cowboy Junkies’ latest: I’m a fan, I know ’em all the way, any other band, this would go all the way;  them:  3.5/5 olives, ‘cuz there’s no “hit”.


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