Of pre’s

Some notes from shite I posted at TOMB:

FWIW, as a bedroom mechanic (where’s that come from? Twisted Evil ), I only record one or mebbe a stereo track at the same time, overdubbing onto drums&bass or drums&guitar I recorded with my drummer. We use a Zoom R16, so I really have no need for a board, per se (altho’ we have a Mackie 1202.)

As for why different pre’s, well, I periodically suffer recurrent outbreaks of a pocket-book debilitating disease – mebbe you heard of it – called G.A.S.

That said, the vibe is completely different singing thru a Meek VC1Q or Altec into a 1176 clone, vs. into a Summit to an RNC, or just into a Eureka, for example. I use a Brick for DI bass (often into a dbx160XT), but prefer a ISA1 or a UA710 for keys and guitars. To some extent, it’s like just by changing pre’s (and of course mic’s and comps) you are getting distinguishing EQ that sets a track in its own space. Needlessly expensive, mebbe even silly and anal? Yep, but there ya go.

Aiight, other than drums (thru the Zoom R16), all thru a Universal Audio 710 pre:
See, 24-7 365-52.


This one’s everything thru the ISA1 but the R16 live drums and rhythm guitar (and I forgot when I did the bass): Die (I Wanna).

Drums: krister-yama’s-R16
RthmGtr: Paul-R16
Bass: Alvarez-Brick-dbx160XT
LdGtrs: G&L F100-Marshall-E609-ISA1
LdVoc: SM7b-ISA1-VLA


Here is one where the Summit 2AB-221 is the only pre.

Drums: krister-Ryam’s-16 (AT4040-OHs)
rthmGtr: Paul-R16
Bass: Alvarez-Summit-dbx160XT
LdGtr: F100-RickieM8E-E609-Summit
Ld Voc: SM7B-Summit-VLA
BV’s: MD421 II-Summit-VLA


Here is one where the Altec 1589B is on all vocals and guitars. (Bass was live into the Zoom R16 at same time as drums.)

Drums: krister-yama’s-R16 (OH AT4040’s)
Bass: Hohner Headless Jazz-R16
LdVoc: SM7B-Altec 1589B-RNC
BV: AKGd310BB-Altec 1589B-RNC
F100-Rickie-E609-Altec 1589B
LdGtr: Paul-Marshall-ShinyBox-Altec


Here is one with the Presonus Eureka pre on all vocals and guitars. (Bass was live into the Zoom R16 at same time as drums.)

Drums: Krister-Yama’s- Zoom R16
Bass: HohnerHdlessJazz-R16
AcGtr: Washburn-MD21-Eureka
ElecRthmGtr: F100-Rick M8E-E609-Eureka
LdGtr: Wildkat-Rick M8E-E609-Eureka
LdVoc: SM7b-Eureka
BV’s: AT802Eureka



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