Some (short) mic reviews

Sennheiser MD21 – I like this for BV’s, and it’s cool on electric and acoustic guitars. I think it’s a large dia. dynamic, sounds like it, but closer to a ’57 then a MD421.

AKG D310: already had a nice one, this one is beat up, and came to me not working; a steady hand and a hour with new wiring and solder and it’s now cool – nice for where ya might wanna ’57, ver’ cool on snare.

Telefunken TD20: looks cooler than it sounds, not that it’s bad, just kinda lo-fi; I think this prob’ly came with some kinda tape deck, altho’ it is XLR, it’s hard-wired.

Radio Shack 33-1070: manufactured by Shure, this one came to me absolutely stinking of ciggies, so bad I can’t stand to use it. I have cleaned it up well, and it’s been wrapped a cuppla weeks with some charcoal; I’ll hafta report back.

Audio Techica AT802: now, this is cool! It’s a AT dynamic, and it’s omni, and it’s very clean and fast, compliments the Shure 503n and EV 635 I have for omni-flavorfullness; I love it on BV’s and as a room mic – it’s there on the rhythm guitars and BV’s linked re the 545, below.

Shure 545: a earlier variation on the ’57, it came with a Tuschel cord. I used it today here as the close mic onna Marshall, very nice!

Peavey PVM520i: I had heard these were similar to a SM7b and it kinda is but brighter, faster, and it clicks the “k’s” a bit more; I used it today on the lead vocal on the song linked re the 545.


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