Re “Hide”

In answer to some questions re “Hide”, (linked below):

Re that bass sound, it’s my oft-used Alvarez with EMG passives. The interesting thing is, I had read where a guy claimed to be getting good results slamming the limiter on the ART, and so I tried that.

It’s that sound, but I did find I hadda be careful playing too fast on the chorus as I could actually make the tube (staved-plate design notwithstanding) fart out when going down to the E-string from the A or D.

That said, the ART, for a US$50 pre, is still useful to me! I do also like to use it for stereo-mic’ing acoustic guitars, where I tend to use both the same model condensors (CAD M149’s or SP C4’s), or mix up mic’s (a LDC, mebbe and a dynamic.)

The guitars is all my F-100 using different pups, and then going to single-coil on the arpeggiated chorus, through the Rickenbacker M8E, altho’ I note the lead used the PVM501i, not the Senn E602 like the rhythms.

I should mention, if anyone is using the E602, while it’s useful and sounds good just hanging, it gets a little more full-range and hi-fi if you place it 6″ or so off the speaker.


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