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My pre’s are:

Presonus Eureka
Meek VC1Q
Meek VC3Q
Altec 1589B
Summit 2BA-221
Studio Projects VTB1
Rolls/Bellari MP105
Focusrite ISA1

I love havin’ alla my pre’s, of course, but I’m a hobbyist.

I think I could make a record with just the UA710, or just the ISA1, or just the 2BA-221.  Mebbe even just the VC1Q (what has EQ and compressor, also) was it gonna be “vintagey” and thick.

Of them, the most easily usable is the ISA1, but it’s pretty colored for a S/S.  On the other hand, it’s a Rupert Neve design, and it’s a nice color!

The VC1Q is the most colored, The 710 and the 2BA-221 are the most flexible.  I like to use the 2Ba-221 for cleaner-type vocal tracks, and the UA710 for vocals on medium rockers and guitars, the VC1Q for ballads and screamers, and the ISA1 is especially good on guitars and is pretty fast, good for percussion.

I forgot to mention I also have a The Brick, what rules on bass.

The Altec is just a cool pre that sometimes is perfect onna lead vocal, especially for a 60’s-70’s  vibe, very nice with MD421’s, SM7b’s, etc.

The VTB1 is quite a useable, cheap, Swiss-army-knife thing what can be outrageous if ya put it  on “11” and swallow the mic.

The VC3Q was a long-time vocal fave, altho’ pretty distinctively colored; it’s rather nice on bass, especially the opto-compressor.

The Eureka is another Swiss army knife, never exciting, really, but never wrong – I especially like it on acoustic guitars and also vocals with a LDC.

I’ve not really found a use for the MP105.


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