Northern Aggression

Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3: Northern Aggression 

(My Amazon review)

I’m a big fan of Mr. Wynn’s work going back to the Dream Syndicate days, and while I don’t care for Danny and Dusty too much, and hate baseball and so don’t relate to The Baseball Project very well (altho’ the music and performances are great), I *love* the Miracle 3 stuff. As matter of fact, *Tick, Tick, Tick …* has been in pretty much monthly or weekly (it varies) rotation since it came out, and I put the live DVD on pretty often, also. (I am also a big fan of his “Solo” stuff, of course; why *Dragon Bridge* wasn’t on everyone’s Top 10 list, I’ll never know – look for the amazing online concert -, and I confess that DS and Gutterball are some of my fave groups.)
*Norther Aggression* is a worthy successor cto *Tick …*, if a little more raw in production. I love the live feel of it, the guitars and rhythm section are hot, I and note “Colored Lights” is yet another terrific “signature” song. “Death of Donny B” is both amusing and disturbing, and “We Don’t Talk About It”, “Consider the Source” and “No One Ever Drowns” out-rock about everything I’ve heard this year. The performance are garagey, spontaneous and energetic. Even the ballads, good as they are and they totally are, sound kinda like they are a respite between rockers.
I gave a copy of this to a friend visiting from London earlier this year and he’s never commented on it; I kinda think he didn’t really understand it, and that’s alright.
This record is also on my monthly or weekly (depends) rotation, and if you understand Wynn, or American garage-rock and psychedelic rock, and love literate lyrics and up-tempo jams, you’ll agree with my Martini-scale of 4.5/5 olives.


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