Pre’s and ‘pressors

In answer to a question about “what rack-stuff to buy”, I said the follerin’.
Of the stuff I have you might be interested in:

I like the Presonus Eureka channel-strip (pre, EQ, compressor) but it’s very vanilla, altho’ “pro-sounding”, clear and solid and always “right”, it’s not very “exciting”. US$350+ used.

The Meek VC1Q is very vintage sounding, very colored, also “pro”, but you have to kinda know what you want, and what you are doing to use it on multiple tracks, else it “builds up”. US$500+ used.

The Meek VC3Q was my go-to for years,; I still love it but find you must do a fair amount of artifact-cleaning ad EQ for vocals. US$150+ used. The current VC3 is said to be OK, good for elec. guitars.

I had a Focusrite Trakmaster channel – did not like it as harsh and not good with transients. US$150+ used.

My best pre’s are the UA710, what is very flexible, as is the Summit 2BA-221, both having the ability to put the track thru high-voltage tube. The ISA1 is probably my fave pre, again, a bit colored and you have to pay attention to what you are doing to avoid “build-up” – I switch mic’s and impedance a lot when using it. Each is US$500+ used, and all are 1/2 rack width, atho’ the UA and ISA1 are at least 2 high.

I also like the Studio Project VTB1 just fine for a long time; at US$100 or so it’s awesome, but I wouldn’t want it to be my only pre.
the FMR RNC1773 is a awesome buy at under US150, used. I also really like the ART Pro VLA what is a tube compressor, and can give a bit of vintage feel at under US$200, used. Both are stereo. I love the dbx160XT, but it’s mono, at about US$150, as is the 163X. Very close to the 160, and stereo, is the dbx166XT, US$150, but keep in mind those dbx units are 20+ years old, and may have issues. A real sleeper, FWIW, is the DOD 866, but it’s a little complex to use, but under US$100. The Meek C2 and MC2 are very colored opticals, but very cool, around US$150 if yer lucky, but very limited in their sounds. I’d reco the RNC, truthfully.

I covet a Sebatron, the UA 610 channel strip, the ISA channel strip, a LA4 and/or LA2, another 1176 clone,, a Gemanium, Vintech, BAE or some other Neve-thang (altho’ the ISA1 is Neve-designed), mebbe a API variation. I struggle against getting a 500 series rack, and I keep thinking about a PM1000 (altho’ I have a Altec 1589B).


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