Small shite for yer bedio/studio/practice space

My idears from a TOMB thread:

Snark tuner
XLR snake (for pre’s)
wall-mount patch-cord holder
universal pedal power supplys (3-18 w.)
butterfly mic clip
multi-tip ratchet screwdriver
needle-nose pliers/side-cutters
feather duster
nail clippers
air freshener spray
lava lamp

power-strip extension cords
nail-clippers & Emery boards
SDC card reader
LTR’s (Craig Anderton’s “little red ties”)
shoe laces (to tie inna loop to make cord-hangers)
Xmas lights
1/2 gal. plactic bags (to cover/store mics)
mini@1/4″st. headphone adaptors
fine-point white-out marker (to temp-label settings)
duct & masking tape
chopsticks (to tap-test tubes, etc.)
milk crates, small solid stools to raise amps off floor


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