Starting out

Asked how to start recording, I posted:

Starting out, I would look for a stand-alone unit.

There are tons of older models from Tascam, Yamaha, Fostex, Roland, etc. that are cheap, if dated.

Assuming you want/don’t mind digital, you can get a lot of features/abilities for cheap.

FWIW, I’m in a 3 piece w/ acoustic drums.

We record practices onna Zoom H2 digital 2 track, what can sound OK for that purpose, and with careful placement and awareness of dynamics, even better once in a while – goes about US$100.

When we get more serious, we use a Zoom R16 (US$350-400), what is 8 in-out with onboard effects, and can be used as a 16 track. We use it like a tape machine, record 8 tracks at a time, and dump them into the computer for editing and mixdown without using its effects, but may others use them and the unity from start to finish with good results; check the ZOOM website.

I’m sure there are other such units out there also, and advantages of the stand-alones include that the routing is all set up already, they are portable, fairly cheap, stable, have repeatable results, sound good, are pretty easy to learn, and have ready support.


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