Re my new pedal board, and latest song

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Gangster story?  Ok …  Grin

I wanted to re-do my pedal board, when I realized I have enuff stuff to make a fecund, and since I’m now the guitarist not the bassist, I repurposed my bass pedal board. It’s a One-Spot powering (in reverse order) a DOD FX96 Delay (great analog/tape sound), a Boss FT2 Dynamic Filter (used with bass, also – cool auto-wah or Wah-EQ), a Barber Direct Drive (my new fave OD) and a Fulltone Distortion Pro (a very flexible, smooth distortion).  The rhythm guitars are a Hamer into the Barber into a ProJr, the lead guitar is my Epi Wildkat into my Rickenbacker M8E with the Fulltone and sometimes the FX96.  But the noteworthy thing is, I’m using the recent Chinese Dunlop wah, and the damn thing sounds excellent – I think I paid US$29 for it, used. (SM545 on the ProJr, a Chinee ribbon on the Rick, all into a ISA1.)

And yep, the drums were constructed from a 1.5 minute multi-track out take that I mixed down and then cut and pasted into a song.


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