Too Board, or Two Bored?



On the case:

The old (1st)  one is The Rat distortion into a Ibanez TS5 overdrive; two flava’s.  Then the DOD FX60 chorus, what is nice inna subtle way on rhythms (see the knobs) and the FX90 delay, what I kinda hate.  Oh, and a Dunlop Jimi, what is cool, in line between the Rat and TS.

The new one is the cheapo Vox US$50 wah (I like it!) into the Fulltone set for distortion (it can be a over-drive, also – very flexible) into the Barber OD (love it!) into a Boss auto-wah into my new Rocktron Short Timer Delay, what just replace my DOD FX96 (what I wanna keep in the bedio).

I have a DOD Digiverb coming, what I hope will be more convenient than the Holy Grail, what I like, but requires its own wall-wart.

I so like the Short Timer, I just won on evil-Bog a Austin Gold Overdrive, for shites, giggles, and mebbe some brown-sound.

I note I have about 20 other pedals (including my bass pedals); these made the guitar cut.


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