Mo’ board wood

In response to some questions:

The dynamic filter izza auto-wah, what can change the center frequency, the Q of and reverse the filter, reverse the filter response (like pedal up instead of down) and lock the filter (like a wah in set position, as in Michael Schenker).

Bass pedals include a Boss CE3 chorus, a Ibanez PD7 Tone-lock Compression/Distortion, a Ibanez SF10 Swell Flanger (a kinda auto-wah/flanger) and a old multi-filter, reversing, EHX wah/volume pedal.  I used both auto-wahs on my bass board, and sometimes I add a Chandler Tube Drive or a Eden WTDI compressor/pre.

When I don’t use a board, I’ll often use the Chandler or a Peavey Hotfoot distortion, and then a EHX Holy Grail or a Danolectro FAB Echo with the DOD FX96 Analog Delay, and a wah.  That’s because the Chandler and the EHX require their own power plugs …

It’s funny: I use this stuff when jamming, but when recording seldom have anything on bass, and usually just add a echo or spring to guitar (along with whatever distortion and wah.)


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